The ECOSCOPE core course builds on existing curriculum at UBC in computer science, statistics, chemistry, genomics, microbial ecology, and industrial microbiology. The result is an innovative new core course that encourages knowledge translation. This intensive three credit course spans the Fall term and consists of five learning modules including: (1) ecological design principles; (2) biological parts and gene circuits; (3) building biofactories; (4) deep device mining; and (5) synthetic ecology. The core course includes a presentation workshop, presentations, mini essays and seminars relevant to scientific and communication development objectives.

ECOSCOPE trainees will also be working closely with business students through cross-campus cooperation at the Sauder School of Business in a Technology Entrepreneurship course. This three credit course spans the Winter term.

Trainees interested in starting businesses based on research outcomes will be able to participate in e@UBC’s Lean Launchpad program in their last year in the program.